He’s worked with U.S. Presidents.  He’s counseled business and community leaders.  He’s an advocate for financial acumen, small businesses and entrepreneurialism. Those familiar with Cassius will recall his quote, “follow your passion” which serves as the inspiration for talk to Cassius.

“My career has taken me to some interesting places and into the right rooms where I received some great advice,” said Cassius F. Butts.  “When I’m asked about what I do best and enjoy most, the answer is the same – I like to talk to people, interesting people.  Talking to another person represents a mutual investment of time.  The best conversations are those where we all learn from one another.  That’s what I plan to do with talk To Cassius.”

You’re invited to listen to “talk to Cassius.” The show will focus on current topics for today’s world featuring conversations with prominent influencers from business, sports and entertainment. Each one has influenced our culture and world in their own way, and all have something to say. You’ll hear it completely unscripted here on “talk to Cassius.

About Cassius F. Butts:  Cassius is a trusted advisor and strategist to many c-suite executives, corporations and organizations. He has created a reputation of turning organizations in the right direction.  Cassius has been appointed by two former Presidents of the United States, conducted business with Hall of Fame icons, and represented some of the world’s most accomplished entertainers